Written in the sand

Title: Written in the Sand
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: R
References of violence and terrorism

They all say that matches are made in heaven. In Castiel and Dean's case, it was made across the fence. They grew up as neighbors, went on to become best friends and ultimately lovers and husbands. Dean is a renowned journalist and Castiel is a college professor. This is their story.

When your husband is Dean Winchester, you don't get to relax. Especially when that said husband is across the world fighting his battle. Ask Castiel and he'll tell you why.



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The deancasbigbang is a slash/gen fic challenge with accompanying artwork centering around a romantic or a general strong friendship between Dean/Castiel or Jensen/Misha.

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Well, I Got It Half Right

Title: Well I Got It Half Right
Author: highermagic
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Adam/Castiel, Sam/Castiel, Dean/Castiel/John
Spoilers: None it's AU.
Warnings: threesome, no real incest aside from sharin' an Angel.
Word Count: ~13.5k
Summary: Dean was so excited when his family had been deemed in need of a guardian Angel – the things were so cool and he couldn't want to share space with one; he'd even made all the necessary preparations, getting clothes and building a nest for their new companion. What he hadn't factored into the equation was their Heats.
Notes: Unbeta'd. All mistakes are my own. Someone wishing to remain anonymous wanted Castiel/Winchesters ending in John/Cas/Dean and, well, I hope this is what you had in mind!


Angelf*ck (sighs for everyone) by saltandbyrne
Summary: Dean calls Cas up for some phone sex, so Cas tells him all about his "boyfriend" (ahem) and their awesome escapades. Written for this kink_meme prompt of brilliance.

Anointed Ones by triedunture
Summary: Castiel is a bit of a cumslut for Angelic Reasons, and he is not above using his powers for it.

Bare Your Neck (While You're Buried Inside Me)by (saltandbyrne)
Summary: Written for this spn kink meme prompt: Castiel is an alpha but, much to the shock of those around him, he's also a sub, and becomes mated to a very dominant omega— Dean. People look down on him for it, but Castiel is proud to wear his omega's collar and loves nothing more than rolling over and bearing his neck for Dean like a good bitch.

Breaking the Rules by bellacatbee(Prostitute and client verse)

Close to You by kashoku_yoshiko
Summary: When he looked down he could see Dean crying in the moonlight that danced across the bed. He was extremely unfamiliar with human sexuality, but he was sure this was not part of it. “…Dean?”

Hard Road by aleishapotter
Summary: Dean discovers a few truths about himself when he and Cas are forced to go undercover on a hunt to the very last place Dean ever thought he'd find himself: a gay resort called "Last Hope" that is geared towards helping troubled homosexual couples repair their relationships.

I Don't Have The Words To Say by primipassi
Summary: Dean and Castiel are fellow police officers who have been working together, and have recently grown fond of one another. However, up until now, they had managed to circle around each other, neither one making a first move. But on this afternoon, everything will change.

I Was In The Darkness by temporalranger
Genre/Kinks: Incest AU, human AU, blind!Cas
Summary: Cas' eyes may not work any more, but that doesn't mean he can't still see Dean.

Like To Stay in Heaven But The Rules Are Too Tough by pelagia911
Summary: After Castiel walks into the Sioux Falls water supply, Dean doesn't walk away. He goes back to save his friend, but in doing so Castiel will be changed forever. God has bigger plans for the angel after Dean's rescue. The leviathans are loose and Sam remembers all of his time in Hell. The boys must fight the new threat against the world while learning to survive the curve balls thrown at them by closer sources. Follow them through a year of pain, destruction, weddings, deaths, betrayals, Hell, and monsters. Like always, they make the choices they find best, but sometimes the choices they make end up hurting the ones they love the most.

Maelstrom by caffeine-sunset
Summary: Dean owns an estate but he doesn’t have time to take care of his deceased wife’s child when his brother Sam has to move away to the city. He therefore hires a governess named Castiel—unaware of the secret he hides.
Table/Prompt: Inspired by songs - Prompt 3 - 'Undisclosed Desires' by Muse [master table here]

Nylon by bellanovaskies
Summary: Dean had a love/hate relationship with the runs along Castiel's thighs.

Sin with a Grin by Stolen Childe
Summary: 32-year-old Dean Winchester loves his life, he really does… He has a great job teaching third grade at the local elementary school. Great friends, an excellent relationship and lots of family. And if he feels slightly inadequate around his genius baby brother and War Vet boyfriend, so what? He’s a big boy, he can deal. But when said War Vet boyfriend turned FBI Agent Castiel L’Ange asks for his help on a case, what else is a grade school teacher to do besides agree?

The Conquest by skara_brae
Warnings: Complete AU, Non-Con, bondage
Notes: Many, many thanks to spacebabe for her patience and insight. All remaining mistakes and inconsistencies are my own.

The Green Eyed Monster by bellacatbee(have not read)

This is not what I do by maramonka
Summary: Castiel works in a bar in Kansas, happily unhappy with his life. Until a vampire makes an appearance.

Dean/Cas --bottom!cas

Angel is the Centerfold by dickchester
Summary: Castiel is injured, so of course it results in him and Dean bad-touching each other.

A Graying Tower, Alone on the Sea by dachinchilla / scaramouche
Summary: Dean is a superhero with issues, Castiel is a mild-mannered reporter trying to date him.

An apple a day (keeps the doctor away? by olympia_m
Summary: In a world where slavery is a fact of life, Master Dean acquires a pretty slave. Little does he know that he got more than a live sex-toy. Only it takes him a while to figure that out. Follow him and Cas on a not-exactly-romantic adventure with cuffs, wax, clothespins and a variety of plugs.
Warnings: A LOT! BDSM, hard-core stuff, cross-dressing, oral, bondage, slavery (which immediately makes this fic non/dub-con), underage (Castiel is 15 when most of the fic takes place), oblivious!Dean, secret-Veela!Castiel.

As I Might Think of Daybreak by secondplatypus
Summary: "In the grey silence that lies between the darkness and the dawn, Dean watched the figure sleeping beside him and wondered how a world about to end could be so peaceful."

Caution: Will Overheat by angelic_x_demon
Summary: One hot summer day, Dean and Cas have some fun in a treehouse.

Eleventh Hour by dickchester
Summary: It's the final hour before the final battle, and Castiel has only one favor to ask.

Flying in Circles Inside a Jar by prosopopeya
Summary: Castiel makes a logical leap that leaves Dean's head spinning, and the both of them spinning away from each other, but like pendulums, they find each other again -- with enough force.

Good Morning by bhumimak
Summary: AU - Dean provides Castiel with a very special wake-up call.

Girl With One Eye by davynn
Summary: Dean's a demon with a fierce appetite, and Cas, an innocent college student that catches his attention, gets caught in his grasp

Hard Road by aleishapotter
Summary: Dean and Cas go in search of a book to help them with their case.

Here With You, Here With Me by hitzusin
Summary: Cas thought it was time to move on to the next level of their relationship. What the hell comes after marriage?

Heavenly Song by sully86
Summary: “I’m going to take a shower Dean.” Castiel drawls in a deep voice as he heads for the bathroom. He stops and looks over his shoulder at Dean before he walks inside the bathroom and leaves the door open a crack.

Homecomings by stolen_childe
Summary: Castiel has been gone for a while. And, with the conniving of sneaky!Sam, Dean and Castiel get some alone time once the angel returns.

I'm yours 'til they come by sepherim_ml
Summary: During a hunt, Dean lost consciousness near Pontiac. Castiel, a skittish townie librarian, saves him and he offers Dean his house and his hospitality. For weeks they share some kind of blissful domesticity, until Castiel is being made the target of weird angels' "attacks".

Lessons in the Night Water by elfladyarwen
Summary: Dean attempts to lure Cas into the water for a swimming lesson that was supposed to be simple...

Little Wonders by signalfire
Summary: Dean isn't ready to be a dad. He never thought he was going to be; there's always a world to take care of. Always something in the way of his dreams of a normal life. But Cas is offering him that one thing he has always wanted, and offering it in the most unconventional way possible. Somehow that makes it more reassuring.

More by lizzstomania
Summary: Now that Cas is human, he wants more.

My Love For You Is Like A Fight - It Will Never End by Rinienne
Summary: What was he doing in Heaven? The answer was simple: Dean was dead. But did it really mean the end of everything? Was it really the end of his and his brother's adventures? And the most terrifying question: how Dean possibly could explain his relationships with an angel of the Lord to his parents?

Not so Alone Time by sully86
Summary: “I picked up something from the store Dean.” Castiel tells him with his barely there half smile.

Mercifully Bound by sully86
Summary: “I would like to experiment with power Dean, I want to see what it is to be...vulnerable

Mysterious Ways by miss-meh

Outrun My Gun by misachan
Summary: "The two of you are so stubborn you've made Heaven blink." Finally convinced that Sam and Dean will never say yes and accept their destinies, Heaven and Hell come up with a new plan, one that will redraw the Apocalypse and make everything run much more smoothly. All they need is Dean Winchester's soul. Written for spn_reversebang.

Phys Ed: The Practical Side by sully86
Summary: Dean Winchester remembers a lot of the students he now teaches after moving to the high school in his small home town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. But no other student sticks out like Castiel Novak.

Reaching as I Fall by apokteino
Summary: “Service to God was the meaning of existence; service to Michael is nothing but slavery.” Castiel is part of an underground network helping angels fall, in resistance to heaven. At the same time that a fallen angel by the name of Dean Winchester turns up, some of those in the network are murdered by Michael's forces – there's a spy. What does Dean have to do with it? Who is Dean? And why are they hunting him so fiercely?

Something About Wings by Rinienne--art--not work safe

Somewhere to Elsewhere by wanderwitch_fic
Summary: Defeating Eve the Leviathan and Raphael’s armies has come at a great cost to Dean: losing Castiel, just after realizing his true feelings for the angel. When Castiel miraculously returns – human and unaware of his past – Dean must help him recover his memory on a complex and dangerous Quest. With his own mind finally in one piece, Sam finds himself falling for the kind-hearted doctor who aided Castiel and gave them all a real home. And all the while, dark forces are watching, waiting for Castiel to regain everything, plotting to rip it all from his grasp.

Talk Hard by ceresvulcan
Summary: "My god hearing you say that word is the hottest thing I've ever heard. Please always say that word. Say it all the time."

The Black Friday Sales by highermagic
Summary: It was not really something Dean ever gave much thought to – they never celebrated Thanksgiving, let alone go to the Black Friday sales.

The Dead!verse Part 6: Now All Your Love Will Be Executed by princess_aleera

The detonation of your words, the connotation of your affection by tasogareika
Summary: Living in a lie is hard, but it’s not as painful as being in a relationship that’s bound to fail eventually. Set before 4.17 'It's A Terrible Life'. Written for the spn_reversebang challenge.

The Strange Face of Love by ninjapsammead
Summary: Pseudo-Canon: Dean and Cas have a relationship of sorts over the span of 3 years. They have that profound bond, but it’s not some chick-flick, one-true-love deal. It’s messy and painful, but desperately sweet. It's what could have happened off screen.
Rating: NC-17

This Is Sin And This Is Good by ceresvulcan
Summary: An argument triggers some buried emotions

Things I should have known by wolfrider89
Summary: Castiel Novak has managed to keep his personal life with Dean Smith separate from his professional life as a secret agent for three years. He expected to continue living a series of detestable but necessary lies cloaked in precarious alibis for the rest of his life, and then his new assignment threatened to throw all of that out the window: Kill Dean Winchester.

Where I Can See You by misachan
Summary: This is how Dean deals with close calls (by tying Cas up in alleyways.